Anatomy of hacking and how to defend against it – Short Course

April 19, 2020


There’s a well-used phrase in Information Security circles that there are only two types of companies – those who have been hacked and those who have been hacked but don’t know it yet. The average data breach is not discovered for 250 days leaving a huge gap for hackers to exploit. Knowing how hackers work to breach corporate networks helps Directors and Executives to understand the work of IT security teams, how security investments enhance business goals, and what questions they should be asking to ensure that the worst doesn’t happen to them. Whilst this is our most technical training course, it is still designed for non-technical executives seeking to understand how specialist cyber security programs and specialist services like penetration testing add value to the business – and also importantly how to hold to account Information System vendors, outsourced service suppliers and SaaS companies through testing and strastegic security assessments.

What’s in this Session?

  • How Hackers Work – Introduction to the hacker’s ‘kill chain’ process for breaking into IT networks
  • Introduction to Cyber Threats, Vulnerabilities and technical Risk Management strategies
  • Deeper dive into Vulnerability Management and Patch Management programs
  • Insider Risk vs Outsider Risk and the different strategies required to identify and counter them
  • Penetration Testing and Red Teaming for defence
  • Case Studies on major hacking events which affected companies and Government
  • Assess, Test and Secure – a systematic response to hacking threats
  • Key questions the executive needs to ask to ensure they are monitoring cyber risk and keeping suppliers accountable

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