Data Breach Crisis Management – Short Course

April 19, 2020


Public data breaches are an immediate crisis for any organisation and for some an existential event – there are plenty of examples where reputations and customers have vanished in a moment.  This case-study filled course from Cyber Partners provides an overview of Australia’s Data Breach Notification Law which came into effect in February 2018 and the potential penalties and corporate responsibilities that are now required of your business to ensure protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Delivered remotely in one hour or a deeper dive over four hours where we explore cases studies in-depth with lots of time for questions and exploration,  this course discusses crisis management responses and introduces the administrative and technical controls required to ensure your business is complying with its obligations and emphasises case studies where companies have been forced to react quickly to data breaches.

What’s in this Session?

  • Overview of the Data Breach Notification Regulations
  • Relevant Amendments to the Australian Privacy Act
  • Directors’ Responsibilities and Penalties for non-compliance
  • Deep dive into data breaches – ‘who’s lost whose data?
  • Case Studies – learn from the stories of those who have experienced data breaches
  • Crisis Management during a data breach – what you need to know and do
  • Introduction to administrative and technical controls required to comply with the Act.

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