Introduction to Cyber Risk Management – Short Course

April 19, 2020


This is Cyber Partners’ premier course introducing cyber risk to non-technical teams and how to build cyber resilience in any business. We’ve delivered this course dozens of times across New Zealand and Australia to more than 1000 senior executives, managers and directors. Hacking, malware, ransomware, malicious insiders, automated global attacks – these and many other issues pose a constant threat in today’s hyper-connected business environment. They can put you out if business in a heartbeat if you are not prepared. Cyber Risks are routinely cited as among the top risks in terms of likelihood and impact facing organisations across the Globe. Directors, executives and managers urgently need to understand these risks and what their role is in helping the business to prepare, respond and mitigate them. This course is delivered remotely in two formats – as a one-hour long session, or a four-hour deeper dive. It provides a solid overview in a non-technical format, focusing on risk management and how the Board, CEO, executives and managers can add value to their business through encouraging good information security practices, creating the right culture for the times, and be confident in managing and monitoring ongoing cyber risk.

What’s in the workshop?

  • What is cyber risk and why is it a material risk to your business?
  • Australian Data Breach Notification Laws and your responsibilities
  • Why personal digital behaviour affects business risk
  • Basic Information Security Principals and Defence in Depth
  • Overview of common threats and risks
  • Case Studies – learn from those who’ve experienced real cyber pain
  • Why investments in security drive business performance
  • Questions that the CEO needs to ask to ensure they are managing cyber risk

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