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Machine learning and artificial intelligence is at the heart of everything we do

Full integration

Our fully integrated, private cloud-based security platform places all of our monitoring, detection and response services at your fingertips.

We’ve invested in building this platform to deploy our services fast, reduce your costs and increase your business’ cyber security capability.

Think of us as a cyber security umbrella—delivering 24/7 protection of your people, physical assets, computer networks, cloud storage, databases, building control systems, IoT, SCADA and industrial control systems.

Real-time response

Our security operations team monitors, detects and responds in real time to active threats. We respond in seconds and minutes, not days and months.

We’ve built our fully integrated managed cyber security platform using the world’s best software. In partnering with these leading vendors—that collectively spend billions on R&D every year—we can deliver for you:

  • Security Incident Event Management Platform (SIEM)
  • comprehensive event logging
  • hosting at an Australian private cloud location
  • 24/7 security operations facility—located in Australia with specialist cyber analysts and incident handlers
  • intrusion detection and anomaly alerting
  • user and entity behaviour analytics
  • forensic data collection capability
  • dark web monitoring and data breach mitigation
  • IoT, IOCS and SCADA capability
  • analytics and reporting
  • out-of-the-box integrations with endpoint security, WAFs, firewalls and practically all network and cloud products
  • direct cross-connect (no public internet traversal) for approved customers
  • disaster recovery
  • coverage of your users, LANs, WANs, DCs and clouds.

Fit for purpose

Our security platform and security operations facility are infinitely scalable and suitable for every type of business including:

  • industrial control systems and SCADA
  • large corporates with international locations
  • big business
  • data-rich businesses and SaaS companies
  • SMEs
  • NFPs and community organisations.

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Integrate your security processes with our MSP and get real-time support and response.