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Cost-effective cyber training that delivers measurable ROI and cyber protection

The most important and cost-effective defence that any organisation can invest in is training people in active cyber safety and defence.

Everyone can benefit from cyber safety education—your Board, senior leadership team, management and team members at all levels. ROI comes from improved organisational resilience, reduced network, system and device outages, higher staff productivity, higher adherence to policy and improved safety culture.

Cyber Partners has trained thousands of individuals in Australia and New Zealand in a wide range of sectors. We train whole organistions from top to bottom. We continue to train and speak regularly for respected leadership organisations.

We offer face-to-face and remote-delivered training sessions in all aspects of cyber security from rapid introductory sessions for Board of Directors seeking to understand cyber risk and governance responsibilities, though to full-day ‘deep dives’ on how to implement and measure the impact of entire cyber security programs.

Our 100% online training platform ‘Cyberfi’ offers affordable, comprehensive, self-paced training for any size of team. Train one, train many, train often.

Be email-smart – train your team to spot email-borne threats 

Emails put your people on the frontline of cyber attack every day.

Cyber criminals use phishing emails to attack organisations to deliver malware or carryout financial fraud. We have tried and tested programs that educate your staff to spot suspicious emails to protect themselves and your business.

Using digital phishing-simulation platforms, we actively ‘phish’ your organisation to benchmark current levels of cyber awareness and then deliver training over time to increase awareness, whilst continually measuring the effectiveness with ongoing phishing simulations and instant ‘point of click’ training, to improve your team’s ability to act as your frontline human firewall. We make sure your team can recognise threats like malware and ransomware and all the signs of bad emails.

Our 100% online training platform ‘Cyberfi’ offers affordable, comprehensive, self-paced training for any size of team. it provides the knowledge you need to beat the hackers and scammers.

Cyber Training Case Studies, Resources and Courses

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Cyber Partners “Magnificent Seven” Guide to Great Password Security and High-Value ‘Admin’ Password Security
Cyber Partners Presents Cyber Risk for Directors at the AICD
Improve Cyber Protection for Business and Home Workers During COVID19 Crisis

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Every person in your organisation has a responsibility to stay cyber safe—we can train them in best practice defence. Contact us to find out more or go to www.cyberfi.com.au and start training today.