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Identify and analyse cyber risks

Cyber Partners provides comprehensive cyber risk discovery and analysis services to help companies, private equity firms and professional advisers understand and quantify cyber security and technical risks during due diligence processes.

Understand all risks

Companies with SaaS platform propositions and software apps offer tremendous value to acquirers. But you need to understand the detailed technical risks that you may be exposing yourself and your clients to before closing the deal.

We are expert at performing detailed technical and security discovery that identify and analyse those risks and whether they have an impact on valuation.

We can identify and quantify risks related to code-based systems and software, the cyber security posture of infrastructure, general cyber posture of companies and their processes, the potential for data breaches, the long term supportability of code and application functionality, as well as software team suitability for purpose and development strategy.

Test before you buy

Cyber Partners provides due diligence technical support services to businesses seeking to buy SaaS platforms, mobile applications and software companies.
We can identify and quantify risks related to code-based systems—including general cyber security and potential for data breach, and functionality and the long-term supportability of code. We provide these services:

  • organisation-wide cyber security audits
  • secure code review
  • data breach vulnerability analysis
  • code-based intellectual property infringement identification
  • penetration testing, infrastructure testing, API testing, data 
 integrity testing
  • technical debt and dependency analysis
  • technical team organisational structure and working practices 
  • long-term code supportability analysis
  • functional and usability analysis.

Cyber Partners is a member of the Certified Register of Ethical Security Testers ANZ.

Questions we can answer

  • Is the company or platform you’re buying secure or does it pose 
significant risk?
  • How easy is it to hack the company?
  • Does the codebase you’re buying have any intellectual property 
 infringement issues?
  • Does the platform, application or company have software code 
 that’s easy to support in the long term?

Cyber Partners’ expert cyber discovery services inform every aspect of your technical due diligence process

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