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Cyberfi – get affordable online cyber training for your team

Cyberfi is a comprehensive, self-paced cyber awareness training course that teaches how to stay safe from cyber threats. Designed explicitly for individuals and business teams, Cyberfi gives you the knowledge, skills and confidence to navigate today’s hyper-connected business world more safely.  Sign up and start training today.

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Cybersecurity training for everyone

Employees are the weakest link in your IT defences and the cyber criminals know it. More than 90% of all cyber attacks start by targeting people, not systems.

It’s a hard relentless problem. IT teams are overloaded and technical defences expensive. More than a million malware programs are released every day by hackers.

Protecting your business starts with training your people. Cyberfi is your answer.

Developed by qualified cybersecurity experts Cyberfi is an online cyber training program for you and for all your staff whatever their level, whatever team size. Cyberfi is for new starters and experienced people alike. Start immediately, work through at your own pace. 100% online.

Cyberfi is YOUR cyber awareness training program.

What’s in the Cyberfi Course?

  • Introduction – We start with a jargon-busting introduction to cyber security, identifying what you should protect, who you are protecting it from, and strategies for building defences against cyber criminals.
  • Module 1 – Work Safe – Identifying and defending from e-mail scams and phishing. Understanding what makes a memorable yet strong password, and strategies to protect your important information.
  • Module 2 – Web Safe – Understanding how attackers follow our tracks online. Confidently applying cyber safe principles to internet banking and social media. Strategies for defending systems and networks from malware attacks.
  • Module 3 – Mobile Safe – Understanding when best to use portable or BYO devices. Strategies to protect these devices and the best way to secure your network when working from home.
  • Module 4 – Cloud Safe – Understanding what the cloud is and it’s different types. Confidence in maintaining your services and strategies for securing your services regardless of how you utilise it. Learn More
  • Module 5 – Business Safe – Confidence in protecting your company’s reputation for key stakeholders, customers, employees, and partners – Procedure and strategy to recover after a breach.

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Who is Cyberfi for?

Cyberfi is for everyone and every size of business.

Maintaining cyber security is never-ending task.

Hackers and scammers change tactics all the time. New threats evolve daily. So it is crucial that you and your team have the right training, know what to look for and know what to do if something bad happens.

In today’s business environment where everything is online, and we have more and more devices connected to the internet, your vulnerability to attack increases. Don’t get caught out.

Cyberfi has been designed to be an essential part of your company’s cyber-safety strategy. Enrol your team today and help them to be cyber safe.

Making Cyber Safety at Work a Team Goal

Cyberfi has been designed by experts in cyber training with more than a decade’s experience in providing face-to-face and online cyber training at all levels and for all kinds and sizes of business.

We’ve put everything we know about cyber awareness training into the Cyberfi training platform to create what we think is one of the most comprehensive courses available anywhere, with a series of six detailed and engaging modules.