Successful Cyber Maturity Program Delivery – Step by Step – Training Course

April 19, 2020


Cyber Partners brings years of experience in strategic cyber consulting and cyber security maturity program delivery to the online classroom. This is a must for any organistion setting up its own cyber maturity program or for any executive tasked with leading cyber security delivery. This course combines elements of our specialist courses into a half day or full days deep dive session and covers how to design, implement and manage an entire cyber security maturity improvement program – from first steps to measuring ongoing return on investment. Designed for non-technical and technical executives alike who are called to manage security improvement programs or provide governance over cyber and security transformation programs and create measurable, reportable outcomes to their organisations.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • What is cyber risk and why is it a material risk to your business?
  • Australian Data Breach Notification Laws and your responsibilities
  • Basic Information Security Principals
  • Principals of Defence in Depth and technical tools for cyber defence
  • How to benchmark current-state organisational cyber security using established frameworks
  • How to structure a cyber security improvement program
  • How to measure ROI of your cyber improvement programme
  • Penetration Testing and Red Teaming for defence
  • Personal cyber security and protection
  • Cyber Security Governance and reporting to the Board
  • How to manage and influence your Board on cyber security issues
  • Questions that the Executive or Director must ask to manage ongoing cyber risk

Designed for small groups, to find out more or book a course for your organistion contact us at or use the contact form on our website.

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